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This seems to explain a lot of why people are refusing to awaken. We can’t save them; all we can do is let our light shine. ~J

Source: Awaken in the Dream
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A few days before my interview on Why Shamanism Now? Internet Radio Show, I received an email from the well-known anthropologist, author and shamanic practitioner Hank Wesselman. He mentioned that what I am calling “wetiko” the Hawaiian kahuna tradition was also familiar with, and called these mind parasites the “‘e‘epa.” He mentioned that he talks about these archon-like entities in his latest book The Bowl of Light: Ancestral Wisdom from a Hawaiian Shaman, which I immediately went out and bought. When I found the section on the ‘e‘epa, my eyes almost fell out of my head, as the description of the ‘e‘epa by an esteemed Hawaiian kahuna shaman was almost…

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[Reblog] Discernment of the Bluff of Evil

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robert said…

Yes, Les!

We are in physical dimensionality to learn to discern between the illusion of matter (effect) and the truth of energy (cause) and our liberation, both physical and spiritual, depends upon distinguishing what is real and lasts over time from what is temporal and fades away in its season.

We who are actually making the effort to pierce the wallpaper into Reality may have stared too long at the face of the malevolent illusion, to the point where we buy the bluff!

Why do I say bluff? Because evil is always bluffing! That is the ONLY way it wins over time; get the victim of the con spinning, chasing their own tails, and they are lost…

When you have the right stuff, you do not bluff, you state and then act.
But when your entire con game depends upon the MEdiaMatrix, a monolithic illusion machine, running 24x7x365, to constantly befuddle your tax animals, your main tactics are:
•deceive without ceasing, including bluffing about your power, your intentions, and especially, your true (weak) nature
•divide and conquer, while presenting a “Mask of Unity” as the image of the Dark Lords
•seed agents provocateur among any nascent groups seeking freedom
•train the young to disrespect their parents, to spy on them and to betray them to the State
•stew all the peeps’ brains in fear waves, preventing the use of higher reasoning

Honor among thieves?
Unity among the evil doers?

Fear with coercive force can emboss an illusion of unity and morale among the slaves you use as trustees for the rest of the slaves, especially in prison or war zones (coming to a spectacle near you!)

But if you give your dirty operators the rope they need to (dis)function, there is plenty of room for side deals, betrayal and double-cross!

One key point, which will provide all the leverage needed to pry off all accumulated, rusty shackles, is that to be deceived, we must tacitly agree!

To be conned, we must participate in the con. The purer the mark’s motives (free of attachment to matter), the harder it is for the confidence men to maneuver the mark into voluntary cooperation!

All the soul-free hackers of the One, must roar with laughter, safely in their lairs, knowing that by a few simple sleight of hand/sleight of mind moves, all the tax animals imprison THEMSELVES in the their personalized MEdiaMatrix!

Like training an elephant to stay: while a baby, a chain or rope is attached to a leg and to a stake secure in the ground. As the elephant grows in size and habit to an adult, the elephant will stay placidly tethered to a stake which would instantly yield IF the bond was ever tested…

Apprehending Truth, perceivable by human consciousness, requires a SUBTRACTIVE process! It is not we don’t know that can hurt us but what we “know that ain’t so”!

Your mantra of, “ I don’t know”, is so powerful because then we bypass our accumulated perceptions (riddled with false concepts) in favor of being present in the Now and impressing a refreshed mind!

Our main task to liberate ourselves is to free our minds, to clear our mind’s eye of the mud which makes life seem dirty!

All of us raised in the room with the MEdiaMatrix, viewed yet not seen as the elephant in the room, have layers of sophisticated mind control implants to house clean. Mind control in this context being nothing more than programmed emotional triggers which cloud our reason and perception when words like “conspiracy theory” or “terrorist” are detected.

For a people living entirely in their mental simulations, abetted by an unprecedented electronic network (MEdiaMatrix on top of all the other co-opted media) to maintain the cult trance, it is trivial for the rule-makers to get people to chase their own tails, while the lusters among the elites (but I repeat myself!) chase THEIR tails!

Your friends and habitual contacts continually re-infect you with DIS-EMPOWERING memes. To create the mental clarity we will be needing, any moment now, requires a fastidious diligence which remains continually vigilant, pulling the thorns out of our paws and the daggers out of minds!
Tuesday, July 02, 2013 3:46:00 AM

Ebullient Future

I do not think that the globalists are winning. I think they have lost control and have lost their war for the future of humanity.

The globalists’ security state– built upon pathological paranoia and scapegoating– is hopelessly insecure and falling apart at every seam. Its justice is a laughingstock, its leaders mockworthy, its machinations a misallocation of time, effort, money, and life that benefits nobody. The controllers are unable to control the spiritual awakening of millions of people in every nation, state, and people group in the world. They have nothing to offer, and nothing to give. They are parasites. They have no love and have separated themselves from the whole of humanity. Their work on this Earth as predators Doing Business As governments, consists of deceiver’s machinations and psychopath’s justifications for breaking contractual agreements (including laws). They are unattractive to human beings who desire to improve humanity.

New Interview: Dr. Courtney Brown on Remote Viewing – Sacred Matrix with Sasha and Janet Lessin 2013 06 13


A new and solid interview with Dr. Courtney Brown, who describes the mechanics of his experiments in Remote Viewing (RV) and describes the infinite timelines theory which I also believe to be true, as I’ve described in my previous posts. About halfway through the interview, Dr. Brown describes the brand-new Atlantis study by the Farsight Institute (farsight.org) which is a revolutionary new look at human history by remote viewers; he describes events in the Fall of Atlantis and the aftermath– the fall of a human civilization (our ancestors).

“Everything that can exist, does exist.” A world where no World Wars took place must exist; we can more easily view the past with Remote Viewing due to having historical records which we can reference, whereas the future is very difficult to target due to having no reference point for us in the present. It’s all due to the quantum physics– everything exists and is superimposed– exists as a “probabilistic smear”. (These are just a few of my thoughts gleaned from listening to the interview; paraphrases and such.)

As usual, I just clicked on this one, it’s not a show I follow or have even listened to before (not having read any description of the content, just the link on the Revolution Radio videos page) and it just happened to be on a topic of great interest to me. I didn’t click on any other video links today or during this visit, and this one happened to be the most recently posted. Not a coincidence. Amazingly enough, I haven’t listened to Dr. Courtney Brown speak before despite having read about his work; he is a wonderfully lucid and coherent speaker on the subject of his expertise.

But when a long…


But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

That whenever any…


That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Bush Administration Convicted of War Crimes – Dr. Francis Boyle #N3

Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:

Published on May 29, 2013

Former U.S. President George W. Bush recently dedicated his Presidential Library in Dallas. The ceremony included speeches by President Obama, ex-President Bush, and every other living ex-president. But none of the speeches so much as mentioned to Iraq war — the undertaking that dominated George W. Bush’s presidency, and will define his historic legacy.

This omission might be due, at least in part, to the fact that Mr. Bush is now a convicted war criminal who dares not travel abroad out of fear of being arrested.

In February 2011, Bush was forced to cancel a scheduled appearance in Geneva, Switzerland after human rights groups filed a criminal complaint charging him with violating international treaties against torture.

His trouble increased dramatically a year ago when Bush — along with former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and several other top Bush administration officials —…

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[Video] The Illusions of Reality: Life, Death & Time with Anthony Peake

The Illusions of Reality: Life, Death and Time with Anthony Peake

One objection to the multiple or infinite timelines model is that for Universe to continually render itself in an infinite variety of ways is redundant and thus a waste of energy. This disapproval is based on a profound error– the idea that the universe is external to you, the Honored Observer. For Infinite Consciousness all illusion is trivial to produce, with no simulation too grand or expensive to maintain.

We only think/perceive/imagine we are made out of the “stuff of Universe”, when Universe and all that is in it (to include all other people) is nothing more than our PERSONAL PERCEPTION. We can never prove that anything in Universe actually exists as an external thing outside of ourselves. It is all made out of us (consciousness). The key is that Universe does not exist outside of us, because it exists inside of us. We can’t prove that our own bodies exist independently of our bodies’ perception of themselves– we can only know for certain that I AM– all else is conjecture (which is a matter of opinion/perception!)

Our brains access the data of the universe and reconstruct for our bodily senses only the tiny fragment of the universe which we are supposed to be interacting with at that time. To us, it appears that Universe is continually creating itself, including our bodies– but in reality, the Universe is within us (the Honored Observer).

Here’s a possibility. The Observer thinks that he or she is moving around in and interacting with Universe when in reality, Universe is only continually created in sufficient resolution to trick us and our senses into imagining that Universe is continually created in full.

Universe does not need to “waste” energy on maintaining or producing parts of itself which are not currently perceived by the Observer– in exactly the same manner as a video game programmer would create and maintain only those portions of a game world which the player is currently likely (or allowed) to interact with at the time. Thus everything within a player’s scope of vision would be created, and the rest need not be created (at that time) in the continual creation model of Universe.

Events do not happen in real-time as time does not exist and all events are quantum fluctuations that have already taken place even as they simultaneously do not take place. The data of the Observer’s surroundings and timeline is pulled from the database of all possible events (analogous to the Akashic Records)– probably downloaded to the bodily computer during sleep, which is why major sleep deprivation leads a person to seeing spirits and hallucinations in all cases, guaranteed.

This easily accounts for “woo-woo” type situations or “glitches in the matrix”, or deja-vu, or precognitive dreams (which Anthony Peake correctly explains are ALL memories of “past” events in the sense that those events have ALREADY TAKEN PLACE in other timelines– a form of bleed-over knowledge held in the conscious mind but not the body– as the anime Steins;gate also says is the case!)

Game developers do not load the entire game world into very-fast RAM (random access memory) since that memory is also very limited in size (data capacity). Games have been programmed to only load into RAM whatever data is most relevant to the player’s game experience in upcoming moments, often with the help of “load screens” or points at which the game experience is interrupted to allow the computer time to load the data which will create the next stage of the game world. All the data to create the entire game world exists in the form of slower-access memory (hard-drives or optical media) which do not allow for a rapid enough manipulation of the data for the computer to create the illusion of reality for the Player. Preloading of data from slower-access memory to fast-access memory is crucial to immerse the Player in the game experience. At slow points in the game (times when not much action is happening) the game developers may also choose to 1) preload data from slow to fast memory and 2) unload currently unused data from fast memory. This can create a seamless game experience without the need for load screens which distract from the immersion in the illusion.

To put it simply, a Game Rendering Engine loads far-off locations as you approach close to being able to view or access those locations, and unloads locations which are now out of your range of sight and sense, so as to create the illusion of an all-encompassing reality that exists everywhere around you.

The sleep is vital to what is apparently the proper functioning of animals and humans is analogous to the “Load Screen” in a game– or a period of waiting as the game world is reconstructed in the background, so that you can jump back into it, into the action and the choices it involves. But until it is reconstructed you are pretty much shut out of interacting with the game– the game is “off” until the screen disappears and you are let back in.

So there, you can have an infinite number of timelines and your elegant universe too, so long as you realize that Universe is within you, and that you are the multi-sensory projector which creates the Moving Pictures for you to imagine that you are interacting with.

That’s my intro.

In the epic (hour and a quarter long and not boring) video/audio interview linked above, Anthony Peake explains how it can be that universe is within each of us, not outside of us, and how real science backs this view of a holographic, virtual reality simulation universe in which we perceive our bodies to exist but cannot prove even that without relying on our senses/perceptions, which strongly suggests that the universe is within us– the opposite of how things appear to be. Anthony Peake even explains the type of dream where one sees one’s bedroom and surroundings, but a few elements are different. Out of body experiences (OOBE) and remote viewing or shamanic travels could rightfully be called within-body experiences, as it is all a matter of perspective. “Nothing is real and everything is real.”


I’m so happy. This video explains it so much better than I could. Its information confirms my view on all being a game… and the infinite timelines cycling deal… and I was led to find this video… it’s not coincidence. I’m familiar with this leading thing as I understand that this is the way my “higher self” helps me out… I can go to a library and I totally space out and I find exactly the right books that I need to read at the right times. Easily, by intuition. There is no effort involved on my part, except to show up. In many cases, I’m led to wander the shelves, then to flip through specific books, and then I come across the information I need at that moment… I guess it helps that I was born seemingly being able to read (8th grade level in Kindergarten) so that was like a hint that reading would have particular importance for me… no wonder the same thing happens with the Internet.

[Reblog] Government does not exist (except in your mind) (aka Disclosure of Reality)

The concept of “authority” is utterly bogus and artificial. It takes very little clear thinking to realize the inherent and necessary fact that every single human being is in the exact same position of authority as every other human being… namely none. It is inherently impossible for any human being to have authority over any other.

An excellent essay (much more than a comment) by “honestann” posted to an article on Zero Hedge. Republished below in full with bold from original. I like the formatting on Zero Hedge better so I recommend reading it there. Context can be helpful too, although this essay stands on its own. This goes well with the philosophy I’ve recently posted on illusion and reality and how there is nothing more than humans fooling themselves and other humans– that is, creating empires out of nothing more than words, or the Word, or will made manifest.

This is disclosure.

Source: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-06-11/you-have-over-stepped-your-boundaries-sir#comment-3647069

honestann Tue, 06/11/2013 – 15:12 – 3647069

Wake up, then grow up, human beings.

The fact is, “government” does not exist.

You know the entire species of sheeple-chimps is insane when virtually every single one of them believes “government” exists… and then proceeds to take that fiction seriously.

Think about it. However many of them were involved, some 20, 50, 100, 200 human beings sat around some tables and wrote documents like “Declaration of Independence” and “Constitution” and whatever else.

The fact is, when those however-many dudes signed those pieces of paper, nothing popped into existence. In fact, nothing changed, except in the brains of those braindamaged creatures. And equally so, hundreds and thousands and millions of other groups of beings signed other pieces of paper, and nothing popped into existence then either.

I mean, can anyone look at reality and recognize what they see any more? Any of you? Raise your hands, if there are any.

I mean seriously! When 20 folks sign documents 230-some years ago, what happens? Answer: Ink on paper. That’s all that happens. Ink on paper.

I mean, does anyone really believe that when 20 chimps apply ink to paper, somehow millions of people suddenly become parties to the ideas and dictates written on those documents? I mean, give me a break! Nobody with the slightest shred of sanity and honesty would claim anything remotely like this. I mean, on the surface it is absolutely, completely, utterly insane. I mean, think about it. Perhaps hundreds of little groups of self-important beings sign their names on documents. They can all claim authority all they want. They are all just ink on paper, and nothing else.

It doesn’t even matter that one of these groups of folks wrote a really cool document with some really insightful observations. Manually applying ink to their pieces of paper creates nothing… nothing pops into existence, whether you call it “government” or “country” or any other name.

And make no mistake, the fact that some people take their pieces of paper seriously changes nothing. The fact that thousands or millions of humans believe “government exists” changes nothing. The fact that hundreds of millions or billions of humans believe “SantaClaus exists” changes nothing too. Both are fictions. Both are simply “mental units”, meaning “configurations in the brain” of some humans. Because a huge number of humans believe “SantaClaus exists” does not make SantaClaus exist. Because a huge number of humans believe “government exists” does not make government exist. A fiction is a fiction, no matter how many human beings are insane and pretend the fiction is not fiction.

For bleeping sakes, the most fundamental law at the base of law for hundreds of years and still there today explicitly recognize this. All “organizations” are “fictitious entities”, which is true, except for the unfortunate and inherent absurdity of calling any fiction an entity. But at least they understood and admitted their slight of words. They understood that “creating a corporation” and “creating a government” and “creating any organization” was not creating a damn real thing. It only created a fiction in the minds of those who chose to hold it.

I mean really. If anyone can seriously claim that because a few dozen yokels signed their names on a piece of paper 235-ish years ago, that we are all now slaves of that document, and subject to whatever actions some group of predators claims they are authorized by those documents… they are so completely brain-damaged as to be intellectual refuse.

Yet everyone who discusses virtually every issue on ZH spins endless supposedly rational thought processes that presume blatant fictions are real. But just as pretending SantaClaus exists doesn’t make SantaClaus real, or make SantaClaus pop into existence, pretending that “governments” and “corporations” and “organizations” and “countries” and “presidents” and “endless official positions” pop into existence.

All that exists is the universe.

In that universe are many galaxies, each containing many stars, most having planets, asteroids and comets orbiting around them. One of those planets is earth, and on earth are many land masses (continents and islands) and bodies of water (oceans, lakes, rivers). And on and in those land masses and bodies of water are many organisms, single-cell and multi-cell, plant and animal.

That is all.

Meanwhile, almost every single individual instance of one species of creatures on that planet are utterly, completely, and most fundamentally insane. They have been bred by predators to be utterly, totally and completely incapable of distinguishing real from fiction. They spend their entire lives making decisions and taking actions on the assumption that thousands of utterly bogus fictions… are not fictions, but instead refer to real existents.

The inability to distinguish real from fiction is the single most fundamental form of insanity. An inability to distinguish real from fiction renders all other forms of sanity impossible and/or irrelevant. Yet this is precisely the state of mankind today.

I’m not sure even 10 human beings on this planet have figured out what I am saying. Often I tend to believe the predators-that-be understand this fully well, since they create endless fictions and force-feed them to the teeming masses of braindamaged sheeple-chimps. But I’m not sure even the predators understand this clearly, or they’re just following standard practices developed by predators over millennia.

What is clear is… all public conversations I encounter presume endless fictions, and thereby render themselves incoherent, irrational and fundamentally insane. No wonder nobody can untangle the mess and find solutions; virtually all brains are busy trying to untangle endless inherently incoherent fictions that cannot be untangled. Humans are plenty smart enough in principle, but simply cannot untangle endless incoherent baseless fictions that cannot be untangled. The ideas and concepts being mentally manipulating are utterly bogus, utterly artificial, utterly unreal, and diabolically crafted to confuse and prevent prey from taking action against the very real predators who enslave and destroy them.

The reality is not very complex. What exists is the universe, galaxies, stars, planets, organisms, and endless wavefronts of electromagnetic radiation filling every seeming void in what people call “outer space”.

Or in the context of most conversations here on ZH, no matter what the topic, what exists is human predators and human prey.

predators DBA government
predators DBA corporations
predators DBA central-banks

The predators prey upon their prey all day, every day.

So, except when we’re “doing physics or astronomy”, all that exists is predators and prey. Or as I prefer to say to slightly improve clarity, “predators, parasites and producers”.

Simple as that.

There are no governments to take into consideration. There are no corporations to take into consideration. The concept of “authority” is utterly bogus and artificial. It takes very little clear thinking to realize the inherent and necessary fact that every single human being is in the exact same position of authority as every other human being… namely none. It is inherently impossible for any human being to have authority over any other. Take any two human beings for example (you choose). They both came to exist by being born. The mere identity and symmetry of their existence and relationship are sufficient to make clear that neither can possibly have any legitimate basis in reality to have authority over the other. They can both claim authority, but this is just as clearly absurd as the entire notion of authority in the first place.

The entirety of what honest human beings call ethics is nothing more than causality applied to human action. Ethics only became necessary when some human beings learned they could choose to be producers or predators. Before humans learned to produce (take actions that create goods that would not otherwise exist), they knew no way to survive except to be predators — to simply grab and consume/destroy what they need to survive, whether that be animals they caught and ate, or apples/berries they stripped from a tree/bush. When some humans learned they could create vast quantities of goods with much less effort and risk by means of productive actions (gathering, planting and tending seeds, and/or gathering, protecting, feeding livestock), they learned an alternative way to survive — be producers.

Though never stated very accurately throughout history, the point of “ethics” was to identify the relationship of causality and human action, and specifically, productive versus destructive/predatory human action (and especially actions that had consquences upon other humans).

The idea of ethics was, every human who takes an action should enjoy/bare/suffer 100% of the consequences of his own actions, and enjoy/bare/suffer ZERO consequences of actions taken by other humans. Simple as that… though philosophy hasn’t managed to state this quite as simply, precisely and fundamentally even after thousands of years of trying.

What virtually nobody sees is, this is the single most fundamental story of mankind… the story of “producer” versus “predator”. Or today, given the perversions known as “voting” and “democracy”, we might say “producers”, “parasites”, “predators”.

The only rational way to perform analysis on the endless topics today is to formulate them in terms of what actually exists, namely “producers, parasites and predators”. Increasingly, “producers” might as well be called “prey”.

When some cop and judge steal your money because you don’t have a piece of plastic stuck to a rectangular plate on the back of your car proving you allowed the predators to steal you blind, this is nothing more than two predators (plus a supporting cast of predators) fleecing you.

When your “employer” (some real, physical human being) steals 30% of your revenue and gives it to others, there again this is nothing more than a pack of predators fleecing you.

Pretty much every single topic discussed in ZH is simply an instance of predators fleecing producers (and/or parasites), paying a tiny portion to parasites for fictional “votes” that help keep the predators in power by confusing producers, and producers creating everything that predators, parasites and producers need and want to survive and enjoy life.

Yet nearly 100% of articles and comments adopt the endless fictions crafted and promoted by the predators, and suggest endless unworkable ideas, or just admit we’re all doomed because it is hopeless. And essentially nobody ever says what needs to be said in every single case. Which is, of course, to identify producers as producers, parasites as parasites, predators as predators. And then treat producers as friends and collaborators, treat parasites as parasites, and treat predators as predators (bullets often required). Understand clearly that predators have no ethics, they only have a modus-operandi, and that modus-operandi is to “get away with whatever they think they can”. When a predator breaks into your home or comes after you anywhere, the appropriate, practical, ethical action is to kill (or cage) the predator, no matter what species that predator may be. Without a doubt, since predators and parasites have been allowed to multiply into the billions, the danger involved in taking appropriate action is astronomically higher than it should be. This is, indeed, a practical difficulty today.

This is not a 12 step program. This is a simple 2 step program.

#1: get real (understand what is real, and what is happening).
#2: take appropriate actions.

We are all, in fact, just creatures on a planet populated by quadrillions of other organisms. That’s all there is. The rest is pure sheeple-chimp delusion.